Friday, September 11, 2009

sketchbook sunday : sunday 9/13

Ohh, geez... I almost did it again. I went apple picking today with my family and I almost forgot to post Sketchbook Sunday. Anyway, the day isn't over yet, so here's the post:

Sketchbook Sunday has been missing for quite sometime. We have had one crazy Summer. The important thing is to keep the group going so, here's the latest entry. If you haven't joined our Flickr group, click the link.

Sketchbook Sunday entry for Sunday, 9/12:
Pick an item that you have purchased over the weekend. Create in your sketchbook in whatever your medium is then remember to scan and post your image to the Flickr group sometime this week. Only one entry per person please.

Also, Flickr group members if you have an idea for new topics, I've started a topic for discussion on the group page. Put you suggestions and I'll pick your ideas from the list.

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